Introducing Riddleme

Tanning Booth

RM3 Hello Every One, my name is Riddleme but most call me Riddle or RM3, I am a breeder living in Colorado, I have been teaching folks to grow this plant for several years and I am probably some what controversial in that my methods are my own as are my techniques. I am not an organic grower and I do not buy into pretty much any of the hype associated with growing. I am a keep em green, happy plant grower, happy plant is a phrase I have used to describe a situation where your garden does not stink, mine never does and I have never owned a carbon scrubber. My pet peeve is the misuse of lights and I like to do grows with what most would consider odd light setups, My first web grow was a little 22 inch tall plant that yielded an ounce and a half grown with 97 watts of light. I was trying to show med patients how easy (and inexpensive) it was to do. My current setup uses T5's in a thing I like to call the tanning booth (the pics on the right were grown in it)