New Strain Naming Convention, Introducing RG

RG #69

The new year is upon us, it has been 2 years since I put this site up. If you read the update page then you know I failed in my cheap attempts to get the book properly done. I say cheap because I'm not wealthy lol, the 08 recession hit me hard, damn near lost my home to forclosure, livin paycheck to paycheck sucks ! You say, wait a minute, the way you grow money should not be a problem ? Truth is it takes about 100K to get in the MJ biz in Colorado and I don't have 100K lyin around. I looked at the available options and have decided to put the new book in my forum like I did the first book The Road to a Cure.

Truth is I really liked the discussion that happened after each chapter was finished and in the forum there are no ads, we are not indexed by search engines so there is more privacy and best of all there are no trolls. The other thing is there is no bad info to wade thru and we have members that are expert growers and represent pretty much every style of growing. Micro, Organic, Soilless, Hydro etc. Over the past several years we have had several new growers join us and not one of em had a bad 1st grow. In fact the least used forum is Plant Problems.

Next, I had to decide how to "sell" the book ? I have this site with a $4.20 a month subscription set up that grants access to 2 privacy scripts that allow encyrpted communication. No, it's not popular but there are a few members and the proceeds help pay for my online adventures (hosting cost for my sites) but it all works so I thought how about I have folks subscribe to the the420message site and then simply add them to the forum. This way, you as the customer, could read both books as well as the research and experiment threads that led to the results for as little as $4.20. Of course it would depend on how much you can read in a month ? But even it if took 2 months it's still a bargain. There are some that consider me one of the best growers in the world. I currently have several strains that could easily win any cup and there have, over the years, been several growers that sampled my gear and posted Smoke Reports and my strains are available to any member that visits me for free ( I have had a lot of visitors from all over the world). Note: It is still illegal to sell seeds in Colorado without the proper license, but it is legal to openly share them (and weed) for free.

There is no hard sell here, and to be honest I don't expect to get rich. But I do know the plant and how to get the very best out of it and I think it is fair to charge for the info that I spent many years figuring out as well as the methods I have invented/created over the years. With that said, I can tell ya that if you looked for and found all of my various forum post on the web (several links shared on this site to get you started) you can probably figure out most of it for free. And you can always email me with questions, trust me I get a lot of emails lol.

So to get access just click the subscribe link and sign up. This is a PayPal recurring monthly subscription that you can cancel at any time (Note: cancelling will terminate your forum access) Once you have subscribed, send me an email with your desired screen name and password and I'll add you right away ( I check the email twice a day).

If this all sounds good simply click here. Subscribe

RG #69