Who says you can't grow dank with T5's?


It was back in 2009 after the Colorado green rush took off that I started teaching others to grow online. I started at a site called Roll It Up and I was there for 2 years with thousands of post. I will add a few links to some of my stuff on the links page so you can find it easily. The problem was that I was constantly being told I was crazy, that the stuff I said was all BS. Fact was it was the other way around and I decided to start my own site at Riddlem3.com. Folks that had discovered what I was saying was true by applying it in their own gardens followed me. Alas so did some of the trolls that simply would/could not give up the BS myths. That and being slammed by spam bots made me decide to make the site invite only, folks would email me and I would manually add them.

I wrote my first book, The Road to a Cure, on the site with each chapter being a new forum post. This worked out really well as there was input and discussion about each chapter. There will be parts of it replicated in the new "published" book. The site grew into a community of great growers and is full of nothing but truthful and correct information. If you are a medical patient looking to learn how to grow this plant it is the place to be!

Over the years I have bred several strains (some pictured here on this site) and no you won't see any of them in any seed banks. Folks come and visit and I give em seeds, currently it is the only way to obtain my strains. My strains are potent, the average smoker can only handle one or two hits and yes I know it is a bold statement but is very well documented by others on my site.