Harvested Namaste

Happy Feet

Over the past several years I have found much joy in helping others to get their grow on and though I have never asked for any thanks I have gotten a lot !!!

From Jointed,,,, New site looks AWESOME Riddle...Happy plants are where it's at bro I can't tell ya how many people on that other site I've told that to and all I keep getting is excuses for why they can smell their girls all over their houses....You and I and everyone else here knows why...piss poor environmental controls and the overuse of high phosphorous bloom foods...Will they ever get it? I am so glad I ran into you bro...you are the real deal brother, Thank You !!!

From Love To Grow,,,, After I came here, it toolk me a while to take everything that you were saying in. With so much information, just soaking it in was a bit of a task for me. Now that I've been here for a little while, I can really start to see your approaches clearer; because I'm starting to understand you, as a grower. You've have some great ideas and have been able to show them in action. Making it easy for the rest of us. ...Thanks!

From Chief Blunts,,,, Riddle, this book is gonna be amazing, the info packed into it is gonna far exceed anything available in the m.j trade... breaks down the simple stuff no one thinks about or considers or even talks about. I really can't explain how much I get it now or how thankful I am. But jesus christ man this is some quality shit!!

From 360,,,, Thanks heaps riddle for reiterating what i personally already knew, i have had this discussion with many a people who disregard my information in belief that im talking "shit", i for one have first hand seen the stunting effects of negative pressure. Fills me with faith of the knowledge and experience of members here.

From OldeCrowe,,,, Brother, I've got more good learnin's from you about growing than from ANYONE! I love the shit I've watched you do. It has Quality. Thank you brother. From the bottom of MY heart. You are the best of us. Not just at growing, either. In my cynicism I rarely ever find anyone I would choose to emulate...few inspirations anymore... but you sir ARE! I count you as one of my best friends. That, though I've never met you. I feel like I've known you for years. I could go on with a stroking session at length but better just to say....... You're one of the good guys. I don't put all that many in that category....less now than ever. You've Quality about you. Love you, brother.

From Rayzah,,,, Thanks bro, we still have a few great people amongst us. This book has taken me and my ladies to another level. Thanks u all for being supportive and informative.

From Roach,,,, I and my plants want to thank you for making them and myself "happy". Your out-of-the-box views have held true each time I try one of your suggestions. I have much to learn and it's nice to know I have one primary source to go to so I can expand my horizons.

From Heartland Hank,,,, Great read... Thank you so much for putting this together.. I thoroughly enjoyed AND learned a lot.. I've already seen a bump in yields since reading this book and using pieces of it... Although, I did eat my words about the glass/aircool thing.. if i TRIED the chamber, I might come around on that as well. I might have to do that when I get some time.. Anyway, thanks Riddle..

From Twisted Shadow,,,, I would say you a have nearly completed a Masters Degree in "Plantology" (yeah, I made that up. I'm sure someone some where has already said it, lol) as opposed to Botany or what ever degree a university would give out. Not trying to be a Kiss ass but the proof is in the pics, yours and everyone that has become better gardners/growers by applying the common sense approaches that you have (uhmm....) "Dittied", I guess would be the right term. Thanks for the knowledge and putting it plain language that even I can follow, well most of the time,

From Chief Blunts,,,, hands down my favorite chapter thus far, simplicity maybe? just the fact you were able to string these words together. and have it make sense. i dont know riddle, i've never been one with words. This book is gonna be the abs standard in picking up literature and learning to grow, i feel like with other informational texts and tutorials there is always a sense of connection and out right caring, it's like the others may have a grasp of what it is they are spooing onto paper or why, its just " i know what im doing heres how i do it im just gonna bang out this book real quick and sell it to you" you my friend have connected the readers/followers/people in need, connected with the plants, the medium, mother nature and all things encompassing and then put it all into a short and simple text that frankly is idiot proof.. well done old chap.. Well Done.

From YeahRight,,,, WooHoo!!!! Your stuff is so easy to read. It makes sense. The pictures are great documentation. The difference for me is.... While Mel Frank and Ed Rosenthal will probably always be more knowledgeable than I will about this plant. I've never seen either of them grow one. I've watched your progress over several grows. They laid a great foundation for lots of us to follow and you fucking ran with it. Even those two push some of the myths that you've dispelled. I'm not knocking their work. It's just your way of doing things makes more sense and works. Remember......I'm from the Show-Me-State.

From Love to Grow,,,, RM3, you do so much work with MJ and have gained so much experience that I don't know how you keep it all straight. You are the most knowledgeable MJ grower I have ever read, let alone met. Your contributions will become timeless...Great work!!!

From Darth,,,, Riddlem3 is An intellectual gathering of superior growers with vast knowledge on everything from growing to smoking marijuana, and just about everything else. Invigorating discussion, boundary pushing experiments, and everyone from beginners to veterans making contributions with a no bull shit, no snake oils policy. Led by the fantastic Riddlem3 a long time grower with a never ending knowledge of plants, especially marijuana, the community has become more informative and close knit than any forum or group I've come across ever. Rm3 is a warm and welcoming community, truly special bunch.

From MightyMike,,,, Riddle, thanks for offering me access to your site here!!!! The knowledge here is worth way, way more than the price of admission...lol! I just finished reading through this grow and I found so many nuggets that I wish I could speed up time because I want to try them all right now with the grow I just started. Thanks for what you do, really looking forward to finishing the rest of The Road to a Cure. This is seriously good stuff, no bullshit, backed by experience and fueled by experimentation/results/quality and the overall desire to help people. Your heart and head are in the right place and I will never be able to understand those that try to shit on what you do. You have truly inspired this newb grower. Thank you.