Thunder Express

Thunder Express

Months since my last update and I admit I have been procrastinating because I don't wanna write this. Tis Nov. 2015 and my publisher has bailed, seems that I have not been able to generate enough interest in better weed ? Seems it is true what they say, tis a bitch to start something on a shoestring. In my defense it was something I believed in and my mission to discover all the secrets was actually a success, not that many care. The experiments are over, though I am currently testing a new brand of bulbs (doccumented at my RIU thread). Don't get me wrong here, I am not giving up, I just need to save up enough money to self publish and honestly that is gonna take awhile. You can't Kickstart a drug related theme so I just need to simply hang in and do what I can.

There are things I have to admit I don't understand? I thought I had laced my shoestrings well, I posted threads on major pot forums, I invited lots of people from all over the world into my home to see for themselves. Those people went on the interweb and posted details and smoke reports verifying everything I posted was true and yet here we are? One guy posted that the Pineapple Express and Durban Poison I had grown were the best he had ever had and that my CTF had made his top ten best ever list and rearranged it. One guy I had gifted buds to later shared some with a friend and was offered $100 a gram for it which he turned down. I could go on and on but no sense in repeating stuff that is already out there? Then there was the incident of me submitting the look inside chapter on early amber to High Times and being turned down because my pics were not a high enough resolution ? (I still have the email) Honestly how I grow goes against most of their sponsers so I was not really that surprised.

There was also a stretch of time where I was filled with anxiety about one of my experiments, yeppers, the dreaded lead experiments. As I posted em, I took a lot of heat by several that were afraid of lead being added to pot. But my research was true, the pot of the 60's & 70's was grown in lead rich environments and don't forget it was 1974 when the US Government patented pot for medical reasons (though they deny it has any medical use). My dilemma was that as a result of the experiment I asked myself the question, What if leaded pot was the absolute cure for cancer? And the simple truth was that I did not wanna be that guy that discovered it. I honestly do not want to be famous, with my PTSD I have a lot of problems with crowds of people and I imagined an onslaught of media attention in my front yard. Ok prolly would never happen but the anxiety caused by PTSD can be a bitch. In the end what I set out looking for was proven true, the leaded pot was stronger (higher potency) and trippier. Whether it cures cancer or not I will let someone else figure out ?

Being that guy with not a lot of extra money, I also had this wild notion that someone that did might find me and invest in a few things, that never happened either ? I do have a lot of potent genetics that no one else has and I did come up with an awesome branding idea. Perhaps when it becomes totally legal I can sell it to a big corporation LOL. In the couple of years that this site has been up I have gotten about 40 emails asking about the book. 12 of those asked to join my forum, you can see there are only 4 comments (other than mine) in the comments section. I guess it might have been different had I had the money to properly pimp the site ? I thought that the things I was able to do might somehow go viral but they never did ? So to the 40 or 50 people that are actually waiting on the book I have to apologize that your wait will be a bit longer and for that I am truly sorry !!!

Tis Feb. 2015, I wanted to update a few things because I know there are several people waiting for the book, as they email and pm me. If you know me, or follow any of my forum threads, you know I am constantly researching and experimenting. Recently an experiment was so successful that I put off finishing the book to include the new info. I mean just look at the frost on the pics to your right, I know you want it. Then I decided to grow a land race Sativa indoors and went thru 2 grows to dial in a different nute regimen, also added 2 new new nutes. Then I came across an idea that started a new experiment with my fermentation chamber. Basically creating 3 new chapters for the book.

The research is done and the experiments are finishing up, though there are still a few things left to do and I am hacking away at the keyboard to get it all done. In the mean time, I have been updating several forum threads with most of the new info and a lot of great pics. I will post the links here so you can follow along if you want to.

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I hope to have the book ready for the publisher by the end of this summer. I trust that the new info is worth waiting for, I know I am enjoying the harvest. I added the comment app on the Look Inside page, please feel free to leave a comment or ask a question there.

Got the new video site up and running, here is a vid of my garden. Click the 420Tube logo in the vid and come join us!

Thunder Express

Thunder Express
Thunder Express